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Requirements for Enrollment

CNA Certification Requirements Include:

  • 18 years of age

  • High school dimpoma/GED (Not required but recommended)

  • Valid State/Government issued ID

  • Social Security Card

  • Must pass basic math and reading exam

  • Must pass criminal background and drug screen

  • Must have negative PPD/Chest X-Ray (Not included in tuition)

  • COVID vaccine is required 14 days before the start of clinical (not included in tuition)

Payment Options

Please send us a message to inquire about tuition

  • No personal checks

  • Visa/mastercard

  • Money order/ Cashier check

  • Zelle 

  • Payment plans available upon request

    • processing fee (3%) added to all credit/debit card payments​

How to Apply*



*Requires $200 Non-refundable Application Fee

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