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Begin a meaningful career as a Nursing Assistant!


What is a CNA?

According to, Certified Nursing Assistants(CNAs) provide quality-of-life care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care and hospice facilities, and residental settings. ​

Quick Facts about being a CNA

CNA's in Indiana earn 

up to $30,000+/year!

According to


There are over 1,000 CNA job listings in and around Indianapolis!

According to

Many CNA employers have tuition reimbursement during employment.

According to



KeVanna, CNA

Literally , Shawnelle is the best instructor ever. Made sure everything was understood before moving on to the next lesson to ensure understanding. She made sure we learned everything needed to pass the state test and gave us a lil tea about her job duty and what she does and deals with as a RN. Can’t thank her enough 10/10 recommend ‼️

Jordyn, CNA

Going to Star Training to become a CNA was the best decision I made. The learning environment was great and the instructor really cares about all of her students individually. The director of Star Training simply wants to help those who are interested to become a star CNA and I can confidently say she helped me become the star CNA I am today.

Deja,  CNA

Star training is the best literally , I never was the type of person to like school but my experience here took all of that away from my instructors to my class mates was wonderful and if you ever think about getting your CNA Star Training is the place ! Thank you Star Training !!!!

Michelle,  CNA

Shawnelle one the best Instructors she will makes sure .Get all the criteria you need to pass your state exam . I doubt it myself many of times but . Shawnelle would always say you need keep positive attitude ! This program was a great Experience for me . I’m forever thankful

McKayla, CNA

This program is beyond amazing from beginning to end. I was a little nervous being back in a class setting and dealing with “Ratchet” ppl but it was the complete opposite. Shawnelle has her classes small for a reason, you can really understand, pay attention and ask any questions (even the ones that sound dumb). She is a Very very understanding instructor and she will work with you to get this class completed but only if you actually want this. she will laugh and joke with you all day if you want but she will get business done and tell you what it is. Completing this class has given me the motivation to do more than just stopping at a CNA and Going to class I was able to obtain a better job from her recommendations on her bulletin board and now that I’m certified I’m moving up and all I can say is thank you because she helped push me to my goal . I HIGHLY Recommend Star Training.



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Indianapolis, IN 46220

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